Kung Fu Panda – Season 3


In the Spirit Realm, Grandmaster Oogway battles against an enemy named Kai, who has vanquished other kung fu experts in the realm and taken their chi, transforming them into little jade charms.kp38 Oogway energetically gives in furthermore has his chi stolen, however not before notice Kai that the
Dragon Warrior, Po, will stop him. Kai takes this as a challenge to take the chi from the Dragon Warrior and comes back to the mortal realm.

In the interim, Master Shifu reports his retirement from educating to start his training to master chi and passes the part of educator to Po. Energized at to start with, Po finds that teaching kung fu is not as simple as he expected, as the Furious Five individuals Tigress, Crane, Mantis, Viper, and Monkey are harmed subsequently. Po is dispirited as an instructor, which makes him doubt who he truly is and whether he is the Dragon Warrior. Accordingly, Shifu advises Po that rather with respect to attempting to be an instructor, he ought to attempt to be himself.

kp34Po returns home with his adoptive father, Mr. Ping, at his noodle shop, where a panda named Li Shan breaks Po’s dumpling-eating record. They both soon discover that Li is Po’s biological father and they bond with each other, much to Ping’s envy. Subsequent to acquainting Li with Shifu and his companions, the valley is assaulted by jade statues controlled by Kai and looking like past Kung Fu masters, a few of them long dead. The group then learns through research that Kai was Oogway’s old companion who battled with him as faithful comrades long prior. At the point when Oogway was harmed, Kai conveyed him until they reached a secret village of pandas, who mended Oogway using their chi. The pandas showed Oogway how to give chi, yet when the eager-for-power Kai chose to drain it from them to expand his power, Oogway crushed him and expelled him to the spirit realm. To vanquish Kai, Po must figure out how to ace chi himself, kp39which Li offers to show him by heading off to a mystery panda village. Po, Li and Mr. Ping go to the town while Shifu and the Furious Five stay behind. In spite of the fact that Po is enthusiastic to learn chi, he first takes in the relaxed life of a panda in the village, which he feels thankful to be a part of.

Subsequent to discovering that numerous Kung Fu masters are missing, Shifu sends Crane and Mantis, who meet with Master Bear, Master Croc and Master Chicken en route, to find Kai, who takes all their chi. Kai then touches base at the Jade Palace and devastates it, yet not before taking the chi of Monkey, Viper and Shifu, while Tigress breaks to caution Po. Apprehensive, Li and the pandas plan to flee. At the point when Po requests that Li show him how to use chi, he admits that he doesn’t know how, and that he lied so he wouldn’t lose his child once more. Harmed over his dad’s confusion, Po segregates himself and trains overwhelmingly to confront Kai. Mr. Ping admits to Li that he was at first stressed Po would be detracted from him, yet understood that Li being a piece of Po’s life kp37essentially added to his satisfaction. Tigress defies Po and
lets him know that he can’t vanquish Kai without keeping on finding the mystery of chi, amid which Po admits that the experience has him afresh questioning his potential. Li and the villagers, having chosen to stay, request that Po train them so they can battle back. Acknowledging what had already made him flop as an educator, Po concurs and shows them using their ordinary activities as their advantages.

Kai arrives and sends his jade statue missions to capture Po, however they are held off by the pandas and Tigress, diverting Kai. The arrangement works in holding off the armed force, however when Po tries to usa the Wuxi finger hold on Kai to send him back to the Spirit Realm, he uncovers that it can justkp36 work on mortals, not a soul warrior. Kai picks up the high ground in their battle, yet Po uses the Wuxi finger hold again on himself while gripping Kai, transporting them both to the beyond. They battle once more, with Kai recapturing the favorable position to stifle, and he starts petrifying Po. Using what they gained from Po and about their identity, Li, Tigress, Mr. Ping and the pandas can use their chi to spare him. Po then turns into an ace of chi subsequent to acknowledging who he truly is and uses his chi to make a giant dragon figure which he uses to over-burden Kai, making him detonate, killing him and restoring all the fallen masters to typical and transporting them back to the mortal world.

kp35In an golden pond, Grandmaster Oogway appears to Po, and advises him his adventure has turned up at ground zero, uncovering his part by selecting Po as Dragon Warrior beacause of his decent from the ancient pandas, and his emdobiment of the yin-yang. He additionally uncovers his part in cautioning Li to Po’s survival, and pronounces Po his actual successor. By decision, Po yields a mystical green yin-yang staff presented by Oogway to come back to the mortal world. He and his extended family all return to the Valley, where they keep practicing kung fu and their chi under the direction of Po and the Furious Five. kp33

Kung Fu Panda – Season 2


Following the flourishing success of the first season, DreamWorks Animation continued to produce the second  movie of Kung Fu Panda, with the cooperation in distributing from Paramount Pictures.

A long time before the occasions of the first film, Lord Shen (Gary Oldman), the scion of a peacock clan that takes after Gongmen City in old China, tries to bridle firecrackers as a weapon. In the wake of finding from the court’s goat Soothsayer (Michelle Yeoh) that “a warrior of black-and-white” will vanquish him in the event that he doesn’t alter his way of life, Shen drives an army of wolves to eradicate the panda population to deflect the prescience. Shen’s folks are stunned at this atrocity and outcast their child, who swears revenge.
kp27Thirty years later, Po (Jack Black) is experiencing his fantasy as the Dragon Warrior, ensuring the Valley of Peace nearby his companions and fellow kung fu experts, the Furious Five. His instructor Shifu (Dustin Hoffman) lets him know, notwithstanding, that he has yet to accomplish internal peace. While protecting a town from wolf bandits who have been stealing refined metal for Shen, Po is diverted by a symbol on the wolf leader’s (Danny McBride) armor, which causes Po to have a flashback of his mom and permits the wolve
s to get away. Po asks his goose dad, Mr. Ping (James Hong), about his origins. Ping uncovers that he discovered Po as a baby in a radish container and adopted him, however Po stays unsatisfied, considering how and why he ended up in the Valley of Peace.

Shifu gets word that Shen has come back to Gongmenkp25 City and slaughtered Thundering Rhino, the leader of the kung fu council ensuring the City, and is plotting to demolish kung fu custom and vanquish China with his recently created weapon, a gun that shoo
t weaponized firecrackers. Shifu sends Po and the Furious Five to Gongmen City to stop Shen and demolish his weapon. They discover the city involved by Shen’s forces, with the two surviving council members Storming Ox and Croc detained. The six heroes ask the council member for a favor to free the city, however the two refer to their weakness against Shen’s weapon and can’t. Po and the Five are found by the wolf boss and give pursue, just to be captured before Shen’s tower.

kp22After being brought before Shen in his tower, Po and the Five free themselves and wreck Shen’s weapon. Be that as it may, Po is again diverted by a flashback after observing an indistinguishable image from before on Shen’s plumage, acknowledging Shen was the last night Po saw his folks. This permits Shen to escape and annihilate the tower with an armory of cannons. After Po and the Five escape, Tigress (Angelina Jolie), stands up to Po over his diversion, who reluctantly clarifies that he recollects Shen’s presence on the night he was isolated from his folks, and needs replies about his past from Shen. In spite of the fact that compassionate, Tigress advises Po to remain behind for his own particular safety. In spite of this, Po breaks into the factory to ask Shen, incidentally thwarting the Five’s arrangement to decimate the factory. Shen claims that Po’s folks deserted him, and afterward blasts Po out of the factory into a stream with a cannon, where he is assumed dead.

kp26Po survives and is saved by a same soothsayer, who takes him to the vestiges of the close-by town where Po was born. Guided by the soothsayer to grasp his past, Po recollects that when he was a newborn child, his folks had yielded themselves to spare him from Shen’s armed force, his mom hiding him in a radish box and baiting Shen’s forces far from him. Po achieves internal peace, understanding that he has carried on with a glad and satisfying life in spite of this early disaster.

Po comes back to Gongmen City to spare the hostage Five and prevent Shen’s victory of China. A fight follows between Shen’s fleet, cruising in the heart of Gongmen City, and Po and the Five, joined by Shifu, who has convinced Ox and Croc to offer assistance. Po changes the movements used during his inner peace training to divert Shen’s firecracker shells against his own particular fleet, destroying it.kp23 Po then desires Shen to relinquish his own particular past, however Shen assaults Po until Shen cuts the ropes holding up his last cannon, which falls on top of him, pulverizing him to death.
Triumphant, Po comes back to the Valley of Peace and reunites with Mr. Ping, affectionately pronouncing the goose to be his dad.

In the meantime, Po’s biological father, Li Shan (Fred Tatasciore), is uncovered to have survived Shen’s assault and is appeared to live in a far away, concealed town occupied by surviving pandas, and senses that his child is still alive.


Kung Fu Panda – Season 1


Kung Fu Panda season is an America animation produced by Dreamworks Animation and distributed by Paramount Pictures in 2008.

kp2The story is set in the Valley of Peace, an land of fiction in ancient China possessed by human-like creatures. A giant panda named Po, is a huge fan of kung fu and idolizes the Furious Five; Tigress, Monkey, Mantis, Viper, and Crane; a quintet of kung fu understudies trained by the red panda Master Shifu. As he helps his adoptive father, a goose, Mr. Ping in his noodle restaurant, Po can’t seek after his fantasy of turning into a kung fu master himself.

Grand Master Oogway, an old tortoise and Shifu’s tutor, has a dream that Shifu’s adoptive child andkp8 previous understudy, the evil snow panther Tai Lung, will escape from jail and come back to the Valley of Peace to deliver retribution for being denied the Dragon Scroll, which is said to hold the key to boundless power. Shifu is frightened and sends his messenger, the goose Zeng, to avert Tai Lung’s escape. He then holds a kung fu competition for the Furious Five in order for Oogway to recognize the Dragon Warrior, the one kung fu master deserving of accepting the Dragon Scroll and fit for beating up Tai Lung. Compelled to take a lumbering noodle truck to the competition, Po touches base as the field entryways close and can’t enter. Edgy to see the Dragon Warrior picked, Po straps himself to an arrangement of firecrackers, rockets into the sky, and crashes into the center of the arena and opens his eyes to see Oogway pointing his finger at him. To the crowd’s shock, Po’s perplexity, and the Furious Five’s daunt, Oogway broadcasts Po as the Dragon Warrior.

Trusting Oogway’s choice to be a misstep, Shifu tries to dispose of Po by criticizing him into stopping kung fu training coupled with an unbearable training mode. The Furious Five comparatively taunt and hate Po as an upstart with no skill in kung fu. In the wake kp5of accepting support from Oogway, Po perseveres through his difficult training and gradually starts to get to know the Five with his determination, culinary skill, and good sense of humor. In the interim, Tai Lung escapes from jail as predictted by Oogway, picking his locks with one of Zeng’s feathers. Shifu has been alerted about Tai Lung’s escape by Zeng and informs Oogway, who encourages Shifu to have faith in Po and after that ascends to the sky in a cloud of peach blooms. Still not able to get a handle on the basis of kung fu, Po despairingly concedes that he has no way of vanquishing Tai Lung. Shifu, be that as it may, finds that Po is fit for noteworthy physical deeds when inspired by food. Utilizing sustenance as encouraging reinforcement, Shifu effectively trains Po to join these accomplishments into a viable kung fu style.

kp6At the same time but in another area, the kp4Furious Five set out to stop Tai Lung themselves, just to be overpower
ed and vanquished by Tai Lung’s nerve strikes. Shifu chooses that Po is prepared to get the Dragon Scroll, however the parchment uncovers only a blank reflective surface. Trusting the look to be pointless, Shifu orders Po and the Five to clear the valley. As Tai Lung arrives and battles Shifu, the distressed Po discovers his dad who, trying to support him, uncovers that the long-withheld mystery ingredient to his favorite “mysterious ingredient soup” is “nothing”, clarifying that things get to be uncommon in the event that they are accepted to be. Po understands that this idea is the whole purpose of the Dragon Scroll, and does a reversal to defy Tai Lung before he can kill Shifu.

Po turns into an impressive chalenge for Tai Lung as he guards the Dragon Scroll, with an irregular kp3battling style that confounds and disappoints his rival; Tai Lung’s generally debilitating nerve strikes don’t influence Po because of his body fat. Tai Lung quickly bests Po and retrieves the parchment, however can’t comprehend or acknowledge its symbolic meaning. In the long run, Po massacres Tai Lung in battle before utilizing the baffling Wuxi Finger Hold to finish him off once and for all. Po is lauded by the Valley of Peace and acquires the regard of all the Furious Five, who completely recognize him as a genuine kung fu master. Po then finds Shifu, who at last achieves internal peace with the valley safe yet again.


kp7      .

Justice League VS Teen Titans

The Justice League fight the Legion of Doom (comprising of Lex Luthor, Solomon Grundy, Cheetah, Weather Wizard, and Toymaster). After the Legion is vanquished and caught, Weather Wizard flees, yet is controlled by a shadow-like jl3creature, which is along these lines uncovered to be the evil spirit Trigon. Robin defies his dad’s requests to people in the city to safety, supposing he can help the Justice League battle the controlled Wizard. Robin sets the Batwing to collide with Weather Wizard and explode, driving Trigon’s shade to leave his host. Vexed that there’s no response to this occurrence and so as for his child to learn teamwork, Batman sends Robin to join the Teen Titans. In the mean time, Trigon’s shade mentally attacks Superman, tormenting him with dreams of satanic shadows.

Robin (Damian) meets the Titans’ leader Starfire and other team members Raven, Beast Boy, and Blue Beetle, yet the friction occurs when Damian does not show enough respect to the others. Blue Beetle and Robin battle until Blue Beetle’s suitjl8 instinctually utilizes an energy blast to make severe wound on Robin. Raven recuperates him, yet during the process her empathic forces connect their psyches, taking advantage of each other’s recollections. Later, Robin says thanks to Raven for sparing him, however stands up to her around an element he found in her mind. With Raven unwilling to reply, Damian tries to seek up Raven’s experience, however no data is kept about her in the Titans’ records. When he defies Starfire about this, she answers the group isn’t only to fight wrongdoing, additionally a surrogate family, as they are all lost souls in a world with no place for them.

Superman finds and ruthlessly beats down Atomic Skull, cautioning Wonder Woman and Batman. They use kryptonite to drive Superman back, uncovering his ownership before Superman takes off. Cyborg tries to find Superman and a “female with otherworldly power”, whom Trigon is scanning for. He and Batmanjl5 break down footage of both a changed Superman and the shadow evil spirit that had Weather Wizard, reasoning that if the host is harmed or overpowered, they will be liberated from it. Meanwhile, with a specific end goal to slacken Damian up, Starfire takes the gathering to an entertainment center, where Raven experiences evil presence emissaries and Trigon, in a soul shape, who needs to discover her so they can be as one. With the assistance of other Titans, Raven opposes and battles the emissaries until they can’t keep up their nearness on the Earthly plane and scatter.

Thereafter, the Titans request answers from Raven. She uncovers that her mom was an individual from a cult who wedded her off to Trigon, who took a human frame. Her mom fled in the wake of finding his actual identity and was spared by the Azarathians; kind individuals from another measurement, where Raven grew up. After unwittingly summoning her dad and accordingly bringing on the devastation of Azarath and her mom, Raven was taken by him so he could conquer Earth,jl4 yet she trapped him inside a crystal. The Titans offer their support to Raven in vanquishing Trigon, however the Justice League lands with a specific end goal to take Raven away. Notwithstanding, before they can act, Flash, Cyborg, and Wonder Woman are assumed control by Trigon’s shadow and transformed into demon emissaries. Batman keeps his own particular possession by injecting himself with a nerve poison designed for Bane, placing himself in a senseless state and along these lines bringing on the shade to forsake him.

The Titans cannot find any ways to strike against the League, making Raven surrender herself. Just before the League and Raven utilize a gateway to leave, Blue Beetle brings back Cyborg from Trigon’s control. Robin finds Raven in the Middle East, uncovering he put a tracer on each of the Titans in the wake of meeting them. Cyborg and the Titans move to the Middle East, to find that Superman had uncovered a magical shrine that Raven utilizes her forces on so Trigon can pass through the shrine as a gate. Robin wounds Superman with kryptonite to free him from Trigon, and back to his own particular self, Superman massacres Flash and Wonder Woman, which liberates them both. The Titans spare Raven, however not before Trigon comes back to his physical shape.
Taking after Raven’s arrangement, the Titans and Cyborg entry to Hell to recover the gem to bolt away her dad, while the Justice League endeavor to keep Trigon from approaching innocent civilians. The jl6Titans fight their way through crowds of evil presences, however an undead Ra’s al Ghul, transformed into Trigon’s servant after death, smashs the crystal. He tries to convince Robin to join Trigon with the goal that he may come back to life, however Robin claims he is no more like an al Ghul, but a Titan. They fight and Ra’s al Ghul is vanquished. Beating her internal questions and Trigon’s clairvoyant endeavors to deter her, Raven utilizes both her powerful magic, and her telepathic connection to Trigon, to re-detain him in a shard of the broken crystal.

Raven explains to the Titans that the shard must remain in Hell and be observed dependably, on the off chance that Trigon tries at the end of the day to break free. She puts herself forward as Trigon’s keeper, but the Titans guarantee that her house is with them. Back at Titans Tower, the gathering – now joined by Robin and Cyborg – are praised by the Justice League for sparing Earth, and Raven wears her dad’s crystal prison on her forehead for protection. Inside it, Trigon angrily requests that she discharge him, that he will break free and execute everybody she cherishes however she disregards him.


Zootopia! Try Everything…


In a world populated by human-like warm blooded creatures, Judy Hopps, a rabbit from country Bunnyburrow, satisfies her adolescence long for turning into the first rabbit cop in urban utopia, Zootopia. In spite of being the police institute valedictorian, Judy is consigned to parking duty by Chief Bogo, who questions her potential. On her first day, she is hustled by Nick Wilde and Finnick, a swindler twosome.
The following day, Judy stops the parking duty to arrest Duke Weaselton, a hoodlum who stole plant knobs. Bogo censures her, however a female otter named Mrs. Otterton enters Bogo’s office arguing for somebody to discover her significant other Emmitt, one of fourteen predators who have secretly disappeared. Judy volunteers, making Bogo fire her for defiance. At the point when Assistant Mayor Dawn Bellwether commends the task and informs Mayor Leodore Lionheart that Judy is taking the case, Bogo gives her two days to discover Otterton on one condition that she should leave the dream of being a police behind if she does not accomplish the mission.

After finding out that Nick was the last one to see Otterton, Judy coerces him into helping her by secretly recording his admission to tax duty avoidance. They track Otterton to a limousine possessed by crime boss Mr. Big, who uncovers that his flower specialist Otterton went “savage” – returned to a wild state – and assaulted his driver Manchas. At his home, Manchas notice that Otterton had been shouting about “night howlers.” Moments later, Manchas himself turns savage and pursues the pair. Judy saves Nick by trapping Manchas and calls the ZPD for offer assistance. When Bogo and other police arrive, be that as it may, Manchas has vanished. Bogo requests Judy’s renunciation, yet she is saved by Nick who reminds Bogo that regardless she has ten hours to tackle the case. As they leave, Nick uncovers to Judy that he was bullied as a child for being a fox. Choosing there was no utilization in quarreling preferential thoughts over fox conduct, he turned into a cheat.

zt2Bellwether gives Judy and Nick access to the city’s traffic camera system. They find Manchas was caught by wolves which Judy construes are the “night howlers”. They discover Otterton and the other missing predators detained at Cliffside Asylum where Lionheart has been keeping them escaped people in general and Dr. Madge Honey Badger is attempting to decide the reason for their peculiar conduct. Lionheart and those included are captured and Bellwether turns into the new mayor. Judy, applauded for comprehending the case and now companions with Nick, requests that he join the ZPD and turn into her partner. When she upsets him by proposing a biological reason for the lately predator conduct at a question and answer session, nonetheless, he leaves furiously. Guilt-ridden, Judy leaves her place of employment in the midst of a flood of protests against predators.

Back in Bunnyburrow, Judy gains from her parents and her improved youth bully, fox Gideon Gray, that “night howlers” are toxic flowers that have serious psychotropic impacts on warm blooded creatures. After Judy comes back to Zootopia and bitterly reconciles with Nick, they find Weaselton and discover that the bulbs he was stealing were night howlers proposed for a ram named Doug. They discover Doug in a lab covered up in the subway tunnels, making a night howler serum which he has been exposing to predators by means of a dart firearm.

zt4Before they can go to the ZPD, Bellwether takes the evidence, uncovering herself as the driving force behind a prey-supremacist intrigue. Judy and Nick are caught in a pit by Bellwether’s henchrams after Nick declines to eliminate Judy when she is injured. Bellwether shoots a serum pellet at Nick to make him execute Judy, and frames a call to the ZPD, yet Nick had incapacitated Bellwether’s dart firearm by supplanting the serum pellets with blueberries. Angered, Bellwether undermines to casing Judy and Nick for the assaults, similar to she confined Lionheart, yet Judy has recorded Bellwether’s confession. Bogo and the ZPD arrive and arrest Bellwether and those included. Lionheart refuses that he knows about her plot, yet declares that he had justifiable reason to detain the savage predators. The predators are cured with a antidote, Judy rejoins the ZPD, and Nick turns into the city’s first fox cop and her partner.


For more information, please visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zootopia

Maleficent – Evil and Hero in one

Maleficent is a fairy with magnificent power who lives in the Moors, a magical forest right next to the human kingdom. The little girl meets a boy named Stefan and falls in love with him, whose love for Maleficent is overshadowed by his ambition to become king. They grow up apart from each other, and Maleficent becommf4es the Moors’ protector. She is now old enough to force King Henry of human kingdom to retreat due to his attempt to conquer the Moors. Losing and being severely wounded in the battle, the king declares that he will marry his only daughter, Princess Leila, to whomever can kill Maleficent. Stefan tries to find Maleficent he does. Drugging Maleficent but not daring killing her, Stefan cuts off her wings and brings them to the King as the proof of her death. Feeling sorrow by Stefan’s betrayal, she declares herself Queen of the Moors, forming a dark kingdom with a raven that she gives the human form to and is named Diaval. He acts as her wings, her spy and confidant.

After some time, Diaval informs Maleficent that King Stefan has a baby girl, named Aurora, with Queen Leila (his wife) and is about to host a christening for the newborn. Bent on revenge, Maleficent arrives without being invited and curses the Aurora: on her sixteenth birthday, she will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and fall into a sleep like death, from which she

Disney's "Maleficent" L to R: Prince Phillip (Brenton Thwaites) and Aurora (Elle Fanning) Ph: Film Frame ©Disney 2014

will never awaken. When Stefan begs for mercy, Maleficent offers an antidote: the curse can only be broken by true love’s kiss. Stefan tries to keep his daughter away from all the spinning wheels in the kingdom by destroying them and hides their remnants in the castle dunngeon, meanwhile Princess Aurora is taken care by three pixies – Knotgrass , Thistlewit , and Flittle, as the request of the King. He sends his armies to find and kill Maleficent, but she surrounds the Moors with an indestructible wall of thorns. King Stefan becomes obsessed by Maleficent trying to prevent the curse, even ignores to see his wife with serious sickness on bed.

Maleficent always pretends to hate Aurora but knows that she already has motherly feelings with the little girl when watching over her all the time. After a brief meeting with the young Aurora, Maleficent watches over her from afar. When Aurora is fifteen, she encounters Maleficent. Knowing that she is being watchmf3ed over, she refers to Maleficent as her “fairy godmother.” Realizing she has grown fond of the princess, Maleficent attempts to revoke the curse but she recalls saying
to the king that no power on Earth can revoke it and realizes that restriction applies to even herself. In the forest, Aurora meets Prince Philip, and the two are instantly smitten with one another. On the day before Aurora’s sixteenth birthday, Maleficent invites her to live with her in the Moors. The pixies inadvertently tell Aurora of her past and reveal Maleficent’s true identity, and  Aurora runs away to her father’s castle.


Lion King – King of Animals


lk6There is a place in Africa called Pride Lands of which the animal kingdom is ruled over by a lion from Pride Rock. King Mufasa’s newborn son, Simba, is presented to the kingdom by Rafiki, a mandrill who serves as shaman and adviser. Simba grows up and is taught about Pride Lands and explained by his father the responsibilities of kingship and the “circle of life” which connects all living things. King Mufasa has a younger brother named Scar, who always convets the throne and plots to eliminate Mufasa and Simba in order for him to be king. He tricks Simba and his bestfriend Nala, lk3also his betrothed one, into exploring a forbidden elephants’ graveyard. Scar cleverly spots three hyenas who are one his side to have chance of attacking two little buddies. Mufasa realizes the situation from
the warning of his major domo, the hornbill Zazu, and rescues the children. Mufasa is angry with Simba for not asking him of allowance, but forgives and explains to Simba that the great kings of the past watch over them from the night sky, from which he will one day be watching over Simba, too.

lk2Not successful in the first time, Scar sets a trap for his brother and nephew, leading Simba into a gorge and having the hyenas drive a large herd of wildebeest into a stampede that will cost his life. He pretends to be seen really serious when informing Mufasa of Simba’s dangerous situation, knowing the king will rush to save his son. Mufasa saves Simba but hangs up periously from the gorge’s edge and is betrayed by Scar, who sends him falling to his death. Scar makes Simba thinks that the death of the king is Simba’s fault and tells him to run away from the kingdom, and simultaneously orders the hyenas to trace after Simba and kill him, but Simba escapes. As a result, Scar take after the kingdom and becomes king after telling the animals about Mufasa and Simba’s deaths, allowing the hyenas to live the Pride Lands.

Slk7imba faints on the road and is rescued by a meerkat Timon and a warthog Pumbaa, who a fellow outcasts. They live with Simba as he gradually grows up in the jungle, a carefree life under the motto “hakuna matata”. Now a young adult, Simba rescues Timon and Pumbaa from a hungry lion who turns o
ut to be Nala. She and Simba reunite and fall in love, and she urges him to return home, telling him that Pride Lands have become a drought-stricken wasteland under Scar’s reign. Feeling guilty over his father’s death, Simba refuses and storms off. He encounters Rafiki, who tells him that Mufasa’s spirit lives on in Simba. Simba is visited by the ghost of Mufasa in the night sky, who tells him he must take his rightful place as king. Realizing he can no longer run fro his past, Simba decides to return home.

lk4Helped by his friends, Simba sneaks past the hyenas at Pride Rock and confronts Scar. Scar taunts him over his role in Mufasa’s death and backs him to the edge of the rock, where he reveals to Simba that he murdered Mufasa. Enraged, Simba pins Scar to the ground and forces him to reveal the truth to the rest of the pride. Timon, Pumbaa, Rafiki, Zazu, and the lionesses fend off the hyenas while Scar, attempting to escape, is cornered by Simba at the top of Pride Rock. Scar begs for mercy and attempts to blame the hyenas for his actions; Simba spares lk8his life but orders him to leave the Pride Lands forever. Scar attacks his nephew, but Simba manages to toss him from the top of the rock. Scar survives the fall but is killed by the hyenas, who overheard him betray them to Simba. With his enemies gone, Simba takes over the kingship as the rains begin to fall, restoring life to the land.

Later, with Pride Rock restored to its former glory, Rafiki presents Simba and Nala’s newborn cub to the assembled animals, continuing the circ
le of life.lk1

Fa Mulan! Soul of Chinese’s Will of Fire!

Please do not ask me if I
post another movie of Walt Disney Animation. It is just simply because I like most of them, especially the animation movies in the 1990s. Today, I will also introduce to you even if you already know it or not, an animation about a brave Chinese girl named Fa Mulan, who makes
all people give her admiration and respects.

ml1The opening of this story tells you about a person with the name Shan Yu, general of the Huns, carries his army forces to invade China.
Facing the risk of a big fight, Chinese Emperor orders a general mobilizati
on. The notices or Military Services ask for a man of each family to join the Chinese Army. A man named Fa Zhou who is the only man and a veteran in a family with the conscription, tries to put on him the armor and is one more time going to war, his daughter named Fa Mulanml5 is afraid that he is going to lose his life on the battle field. She decides to disguise as a man, then puts on her father’s old armor and enlists instead of her dad. Her family realizes what is going on and starts worrying about her, meanwhile her grandma Fa pray for Mulan’s safety to the ancestors. The ancestors of course hear that an order Great Stone Dragon to protect Mulan. Unfortunately, Great Stone Dragon is not a living entity, so another dragon, small like a chopstick and named Mushu, is assigned to take care of Mulan.

The training camp of Chinese Army is supposed to ml7train recruits and turn both the amateurs and skillful ones to true soldiers. The first step of Mulan in the training camp is hard because she does not know how to behave like a man, which also gets worse when she has some provides from Mushu. However, under the guidance of Captain Li Shang, she and her fellow recruits Yao, Ling, and Chien-Po, step by step become professional warriors. As a desire to see Mulan being successful, Mushu makes a fake order to Shang as if it is from his father, General Li, telling him to join the Imperial Army into the mountains. Sadly, Shang soon recognizes that the Huns already made an extermination on General Li and is army force. The Huns actually wait for Shang’s troops to be iml3n that place and ambushed. As facing the risk of losing the fight, an avalanche is created by clever Mulan and her cannon to bury most of the invaders. Shan Yu still has time to give Mulan a slash on her chest, which reveals her true
identity as a girl to Capt Shang. She must have been under sentence of death as the laws say, but Shang spares her life and dismisses her from the army. Mulan still follows the army to the Imperial City to report the Huns’ destruction, although she is no longer allowed to. She wants to warn Shang about the fact that some Hun warrior including Shan Yu are still alive after the avalanche and planning to capture the Emperor when they arrive to the City.

Shang is still thinking what Mulan said is a lie until Shan Yu’s intention
is accomplished with the mission of capturing the Emperor and seize the palace. Mulan and ml6her three friends, Yao, Ling, and Chien-Po under the makeup of concubines, help each other to enter the palace. With the participation of Shang in preventing Shan Yu from assassinating the Emperor, Mulan is able to isolate Shan Yu and engage him in solo fight. The little dragon, Mushu, really does a good jop from observing Mulan’s signals to finally release a bunch of burning fireworks at Shan Yu. And you know the result, Shan Yu dies as the time people in the Imperor City are enjoying a show of flourishing fireworks. The Emperor and all people in the city bow and praise to her in an unprecedented honor. Neverthless, facing the important decision which is to be the Emperor’s advisor (with his offer), Mulan politely ml4refuses it and asks to return to her family. Mulan is also awarded with Shan Yu’s sword and shows it to her father when she gets home, but he is more jo
yful to know his daughter is safely coming back. Shang actually has feelings with Mulan. he uses her helmet as a reason of coming to her house to return it, and accepts the family’s invitation for dinner. Mushu proves a good work for family ancestors and becomes the Fa family guardian.

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Frozen – The best Disney Christmas Movie ever


If anyone out there is asked about the one of the best 3D animation movie from Disney they have ever seen, regardless of the ages or genders, the answer would probably be “Frozen”. It has been the most successful movie that Walt Disney Pictures released in the biggest holiday of the year with the box office of $1,276 billion.

fr10Frozen , a 2013 American 3D computer-animated musical fantasy comedy drama, tells us about the story of a kingdom named Arendelle. The king and his wife give birth to two pretty princesses named Elsa and Anna, but what magical is the older sister has a special powers, with which she can produce and manipulate ice, frost and snow. One day in the morning, princess Anna wakes up her older sister, Elsa, to play with her and Elsa unintentionally injures Anna. King and Queen bring Anna and Elsa to the troll king to have him heal Anna as well as erase her memories about Elsa’s magics. Since then, the King decides to isolate the sisters until Elsa learns how to control her power.

One day, King and Queen have to go to the neighbor country for some political issues, and they never comeback because the ship on which they are is sunk by a large wave. Certainly, Elsa is about to take after the country as a Queen. fr3Her coronation goes well although she is still worried about her uncontrollable powers. However, before the coronation starts, Anna has chance to go out of the palace and she meets Prince Hans (from the Southern Isles). They are rapidly attracted to each other and Prince Hans asks Princess Anna to marry him. Anna accepts the proposal and asks her sister, but Elsa disagrees with their sudden marriage.
The sisters argue and Elsa cannot hold her emotional compression as she turns the water fountain into scary-shape ice and then her whole  country into a snowy region. Princess Elsa is freaked out and runs away from people, meanwhile Anna thinks it is her fault that causes Elsa to act like that and decides to find her sister. Before that, Anna asks Hans to take care things going on in the palace while she is absent.


Elsa goes far away and builds herself a palace made from ice. Meanwhile, Anna also goes to the direction where she last saw her sister, and fortunately gets help from a guy name Kristoff along with his reindeer Sven, an animal having a dog’s characteristics. One the way to Elsa’s palace, Anna, Kristoff and Sven meet a snowman named Olaf, who was Elsa and Anna’s childhood snowman and unknowingly brought to life. fr7There are a lot of obstacle on the way to North Mountain (where Elsa is currently living), but Anna and her friends finally get there. Anna goes inside the palace and meets Elsa.
The poor girl and Olaf tries to persuade Else to come back to the country, but Elsa refuses to do that for she is worried of something worse than it is now could happen as a result of her power again. She accidentally injures her sister one more time in the heart, and this time is more serious than the last one. Horrified, Elsa created a giant snow creature to chase them away from her place. What unexpected is that prince Hans and the Duke of Weselton (who seeks to exploit Arendelle for profit) have brought a small army force to her palace. Elsa tries to protect herself using ice to fight again the soldiers. The little girl is knocked unconscious by a falling chandelier and imprisoned in Arendelle by Hans.
As the time Anna is carried by her friends, Kristoff realizes Anna’s hair is turning white. He also finds help from the trolls and figures out princess Anna can only be healed (thawed) by “an act of true love”. fr2Believing that prince Hans is the only answer for healing Anna, Kristoff races back to the palace to bring Anna to Hans. At the same time, Hans goes to the prison where Elsa is in and asks her to undo the winter, but she has no idea how to do it. When Anna meets Hans and begs him for a kiss to break the curse, Hans refuses to do that and reveals his
true purpose of proposing her which is to seize control of Arendelle’s thrown. He leaves Anna to die, and charges Elsa with treason for her younger sister’s apparent death.

Elsa breaks the chains, escapes and heads out into the blizzard on the fjord. In the place where Anna is dying, Olaf tells her the truth that Kristoff is in love with her, and they then escape to the fjord as well. Prince Hans chases after Princess Elsa and pretends to her that she is the reason Anna dies. Too despair, the blizzard suddenly stops giving Kristoff and Anna the chance the see each other clearer. However, realizing that Hans is trying to kill Elsa with his sword, Anna throws herself in between to people as the time she is completely frozen like a solid ice block, preventing Han’s attack and breaking his sword into pieces. Elsa is too deep in sorrow hugging his little sister, and Anna becomes to thaw. Her act of scarifying herself to save her sister’s life is an act of true love. Anna recognizes love is the key to her power control, beginning to thaw the kingdom and giving Olaf his own personal flurry so as to survive in the summer.

Finally, Prince Hans and the Duke are imprisoned for their crime of attacking the queen. Kristoff can say his words of falling in love with Anna with the blessing of Elsa. And they, Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf, live a happy life.


Beauty and The Beast

If you are a fan of Disney Animation, you are also on the same boat with me, friend. And one thing that contributes to “modern” Disney is its prosperity in the pass when so many animated musical romantic fantasies were born from around 1930 to now.  After being released for 15 years, a romantic animation in the series has still been giving wings the the dreams of children in the U.S and around the world. And I am talking about the animation: Beauty and the Beast (1991 version).

Beauty and the Beast, produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and released by Walt Disney Pictures, is an animation based on a French fairy tail having the name and written by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont. The story tells us about the relationship between Belle (Paige O’Hara), a beautiful girl living with her father (an inventor named Maurice) in a farm and the beast (Robby Benson), who is originally a prince name Adam and ,because of a punishment for his arrogance, magically transformed into a monster. The Beast, in order to transform back to his born body, has to win the love coming from Belle and if not he will carry his monster shape endlessly.

Let’s start over and look at this story more thoroughly. Our beauty, Belle, is living with her father, Maurice the crazy inventor, in a farm and they love each other so much as the love of family. bb3However, Gaston, a vain hunter who was promised to be Belle’s future husband (as the engagement of two families), always insists that they are meant to be and no one could tear them apart. That’s why he does not let any other men in the village win her heart and even prevent from getting closer to Belle. He is handsome, muscled, and more of a narcissist than a villain. He, a long with his talkative freeloaders, always bothers Belle everywhere she goes.

One day, Belle’s father goes further into the mystery forest to work. And the sees the ferociously dangerous beast. He runs breathless back to his house and tells his little girl not to ever go to the forest due to what he just saw. Belle is curious about what her dad said and tries going to the forest with her Belgian horse, Philippe.
She gets into a mystery house, more like a palace, and finally meets the beast. the monster freaks her out and tries tbb7o imprison her in order to make her love him. But instead of being afraid, Belle gradually sees Adam’s good natures, and has a little crush on him. And so does the beast. She also meets new friends, who are people in the beast’s house and also transformed to variety of objects’ shapes, like Lumière the candlestick, Cogsworth the clock (Lumière’s best friend), Mrs. Potts the teapot, Mrs. Potts’s son named Chip the teacup, Ms. Maid the feather duster…

Gaston is told by Belle’s father that there is a beast in the forest trying to keep Belle away from people of the village. With his arrogance, he and his sidekicks (who are usually abused by him) go to the forest with the intent to kill the beast. The time is shortening as the bebb4ast tries to get Belle kiss him before the magical rose drops its last leaf. Gaston gets in the palace and fights the beast. Prince Adam gets a really serious injury from Gaston’s sword before he falls down to the gr
ound from the top of the building. Fortunately, Belle admits that she loves him and gives him a kiss before the the final rose leaf drops. The beast is healed and transformed back to his original body, so are other people the the palace. Belle tells her father to come live with her in the palace. She and Prince Adam get married and they have an everlasting life together.


For more information, please visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beauty_and_the_Beast_(1991_film)