Totally Spies, Smart and Lovely Spies from WOOHP!


I remember the first time I had chance to see the first episode of Totally Spies, I was so impressed and obsessed about this animated television series. I really do not care what they say about me if they know I have been watching the series even at this current time, because it is fun and inspiring at least to me., ha ha ha.

I first knew about this series when it showed up on Disney Channel, which I also love and watching a lot of other animated television series also, and then started digging more into its background.

Totally Spies! is not originally from  the U.S animation, it is a French-Canadian series created by Vincent Chalvon-Demersay and David Michel. Marathon Media Group and Image Entertainment Corporation both sponsor this animation to be produced. Being made so as to have a feature of anime style and initially considered with a concept of a girl band, the main characters in this series are three teenage girls whose names are Sam, Clover and Alex respectively and work as undercover super agents with normal lives like other high school students in Beverly Hills, California, United States.


The underground Organization responsible for all the detective missions of these the girls is WOOHP (World Organization of Human Protection), and Jerry is their manager, who usually gives them tasks and professional equipment unexpectedly, even when these lovely secret agents have class. Jerry has an assistant that appears in seasons 3 and 4 called G.L.A.D.I.S (Gadget Lending And Distribution Interactive System), with a women voice and robotic arms used to assist his boss (Jerry) and the girls in gadget handling.


And let us talk more about the girls’ characteristics. Sam is smartest one of all three, who always have critical thoughts about the facing problems’ solutions and considers the consequences before acting carefully in every single mission they encounter. She has green eye, red hair and wears green catsuit. Clover is so girly, always available to go shopping, passionate in fashion, and impressed by handsome boys. There is a minus for her because she cannot control her mind so that it gets hot and spontaneous easily, but in return, she is very strong and athletic. She wears the red catsuit which matches her blue eyes and chin-length blond hair. Alex does not care too much about fashion, she would rather look like a tomboy than a girly version (the other way around only happens if Clover makes her to wear colorful and flowery stuff), but she is the one who always maintains the good connection with the other two and likes to express her feeling. She sometimes appears to be a little childish and loves animals. With short black hair, brown eyes, dark skin, she wears the yellow catsuit in the team.


On the other hands, three girl always act like a very well performing team, especially with Jerry’s devoting and dedicating direction and protection. Even if there is some times WOOHP is invaded by evil forces and seemed to be almost destroyed, Alex, Sam, Clover and Jerry keep their hope and will at all time to rescue the situations. And they have been doing this for years to gain the children’s love.


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Doraemon – The Legendary Cat of Future World.


Doraemon, a blue-colored machinery cat coming from the 22nd century, has become a symbolic animated charac

ter of Japanese children. Evdorami-dancing-with-doraemonen adults today can remember of him as a friend of their childhood, because the time he first came to our lives was 1969 in the version of mangas (comic books). The first anime television series of him was released in 1973. Japaneses love him and shout his name out loud as an enormous pride to themselves. And to me, Doraemon is always a best buddy I have ever known from comic books.

For a brief introduction of him and his friends, he has a little sister named Dorami (they were manufactured in the same machine-cat factory and Dorami was program tphotoo be Doraemon’s sister).


For the mission of helping the past generations be better, Doraemon accept the order to be sent back to 19th century, and to be friend with a boy called Nobita Nobi (son of Mr. Nobisuke Nobi and Mrs. Tamako Nobi). Nobita is a boy that cannot do anything on his own, always fail to do everything, and it seems like all the negative characteristics like laziness, stupid, sleeping and napping king, weakness are all in him. He is always  dependent on Doraemon, and there has been countless times our cutie cat has to help Nobita with his magical pocket (a pocket containing all the inventions from futures, which are called “magic wands”) such as letting Nobita borrow smart pen to do homework, some tim-limited pills to have super power, biscuits to transform to an animal, etc…. Doraemon does not do it blindly, sometimes he offers to help Nobita so that the little boy as least has something to protect himself.


Doraemon knows that Nobita usually get bugk82mesllied, hit, and kicked by his two friends named Suneo Honekawa and Goda Takeshi. Suneo is son of a really rich family, he has what he wants, boasts about his family properties, spoiled by his parents a lot, and always flatters Goda. A different aspect from Suneo, Goda has a really loud and terrible voice, but he really considers it a blessed one and forces other students in his class to hear hi
m singing every time he has ‘concert’, otherwise the person not coming will be ‘well treated’ regardless boy or girl.

Nonetheless, there is one more girl that we have not mentioned name Shizuka Minamoto, who usually prevents Suneo and Goda from harassing and hitting Nobita. Therefore, Nobita really appreciates what Shizuka does to him almost everyday, and promise to himself that she is going to be his wife when he is old enough to get married.

Nobita sometimes drives Doraemon crazy with of his waggeries when he gets to know Doraemon’s magic wand’s functions and takes advantages of them. Thus, Doraemon has to stop himcibyjzhuyaaf7_z before everything gets worse. After being punished couple of times, Nobita realizes his mistakes and tries to become a good child. Gradually, the friendship of six of them, Doraemon, Nobita, Dora
mi, Shizuka, Suneo, and
Goda (sometimes Goda and Suneo treat Nobita really well and really care for other people, they are just children and honest from the bottom of their hearts) has become unbreakable, especially the one between Doraemon and Nobita. They all each other’s ever lasting friends.

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Naruto Uzumaki, my Cartoon Hero


Naruto Uzumaki, in a series of manga written by author Masashi Kishimoto, is one of my favorite cartoon heros.

If anyone knows about Japanese’s Shinobis and Ninjas, you would probably know about this character. Naruto had a childhood full of sadness and sorrow, starting from the fact that his parents sacrificed to die to protect him from a monster attacking his hometown. His father sealed haft of the monster’s power into his body and another into Naruto’s one. Therefore, he has a potential power brought by that monster. However, that power was also too dangerous to carry because it contains all hatreds and darkness. Naruto was isolated by everybody in his village, and no one wanted to play with him, except a girl name Hinata Huyga.

Naruto also has two close friend named Sasuke Uchiha (who then becomes his only rival in ninja art but aslo his best friend), and Sakura Haruno. They worked as a team (team 7) to finish some mission from D rank, C, B, A and S rank, with a teacher everybody usually calls “Kakashi Hatake, the Copy Ninja of Konoha (Hidden Leaf) Village. Team 7 had so many fluctuations, from Sasuke following evil force and then coming back to Naruto beat up his inner body’s monster and Sakura becoming a top healing ninja, and finally gathered up to fight against and seal  up the darkest monster of Shinobi’s World called Kaguya Otsusuki (mother of Chakra). At the same time, Hinata was also trying as hard as she can to be a good ninja. She finally did it despite numerous disasters and mental depresses caused by evil characters. Naruto and Hinata ended up together (although he liked Sakura initially), and Sasuke with Hinata, Kakashi Sensei became 6th Hokage (or president) of Konoha. Naruto was also elected to be the 7th Hokage, which was also one of his biggest life goal.

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Second Wednesday in Plymouth, I have done quite good things in a beautiful day

Today is Wednesday, September the 7th, 2016. I had a normal day starting with getting up at 8: 15 am, having two slices of bread stuffed with peanut butter (like I usually do every morning), and getting dressed to go to school (an hour driving,  -_-!). After finishing the first class of the day, I tried to find somewhere selling food. I actually knew that my favorite food store is on the other the road that crosses High Street (I forgot the name of the street) and I talk about Subway. That is pretty nice when you have fairly good a mount of time to rest between two classes, 2 hours. You can use the time to get food and drink, prepare for the next class as well as do something for fun.

After second class, I went to Dr. Drexel (The Chairman of Computer Science and Technology Department) to talk to him about my transferred classes. Everything went fine, the only last thing I have to do for classes that I want to cover some of my Degree Work’s credits is to fill out the forms of Student Request. I would also have to wait until Friday to meet Dr. Shen (another prof. from CS and Tech Dept. and my adviser as well) so that he can confirm what I have discussed with Dr. Drexel and sign in the papers for also.

However, the thing that I enjoyed most today was the experience of applying one of breathing methods  (for relaxing and getting out of stress) to my own body in class. We learned about different types of stress (good and bad, one time or regular, etc…). At about 15 minutes before the end time of the class, Prof. Hills asked all of the students in the class room (including me) to close their eyes and imagine of their favorite places, first of all is the virtual place the prof. lead us to create in our minds. Thus, we really felt ourselves in better mood and relaxing after long studying day.

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Hello World of Plymouth ^_^!! And the world outside if you by chance pass by my blog

I am a junior (transfer student) at Plymouth, and really ready for my future in this school. Hopefully, this will be my right choice to be a student in Plymouth. I am new to school stuff, still not have enough, experience but I am crazily excited about school activities. Therefore, please help me so we can be both better ourselves and and help each other have more fun.

Thank you, see you next time. ^_^!!