Justice League VS Teen Titans

The Justice League fight the Legion of Doom (comprising of Lex Luthor, Solomon Grundy, Cheetah, Weather Wizard, and Toymaster). After the Legion is vanquished and caught, Weather Wizard flees, yet is controlled by a shadow-like jl3creature, which is along these lines uncovered to be the evil spirit Trigon. Robin defies his dad’s requests to people in the city to safety, supposing he can help the Justice League battle the controlled Wizard. Robin sets the Batwing to collide with Weather Wizard and explode, driving Trigon’s shade to leave his host. Vexed that there’s no response to this occurrence and so as for his child to learn teamwork, Batman sends Robin to join the Teen Titans. In the mean time, Trigon’s shade mentally attacks Superman, tormenting him with dreams of satanic shadows.

Robin (Damian) meets the Titans’ leader Starfire and other team members Raven, Beast Boy, and Blue Beetle, yet the friction occurs when Damian does not show enough respect to the others. Blue Beetle and Robin battle until Blue Beetle’s suitjl8 instinctually utilizes an energy blast to make severe wound on Robin. Raven recuperates him, yet during the process her empathic forces connect their psyches, taking advantage of each other’s recollections. Later, Robin says thanks to Raven for sparing him, however stands up to her around an element he found in her mind. With Raven unwilling to reply, Damian tries to seek up Raven’s experience, however no data is kept about her in the Titans’ records. When he defies Starfire about this, she answers the group isn’t only to fight wrongdoing, additionally a surrogate family, as they are all lost souls in a world with no place for them.

Superman finds and ruthlessly beats down Atomic Skull, cautioning Wonder Woman and Batman. They use kryptonite to drive Superman back, uncovering his ownership before Superman takes off. Cyborg tries to find Superman and a “female with otherworldly power”, whom Trigon is scanning for. He and Batmanjl5 break down footage of both a changed Superman and the shadow evil spirit that had Weather Wizard, reasoning that if the host is harmed or overpowered, they will be liberated from it. Meanwhile, with a specific end goal to slacken Damian up, Starfire takes the gathering to an entertainment center, where Raven experiences evil presence emissaries and Trigon, in a soul shape, who needs to discover her so they can be as one. With the assistance of other Titans, Raven opposes and battles the emissaries until they can’t keep up their nearness on the Earthly plane and scatter.

Thereafter, the Titans request answers from Raven. She uncovers that her mom was an individual from a cult who wedded her off to Trigon, who took a human frame. Her mom fled in the wake of finding his actual identity and was spared by the Azarathians; kind individuals from another measurement, where Raven grew up. After unwittingly summoning her dad and accordingly bringing on the devastation of Azarath and her mom, Raven was taken by him so he could conquer Earth,jl4 yet she trapped him inside a crystal. The Titans offer their support to Raven in vanquishing Trigon, however the Justice League lands with a specific end goal to take Raven away. Notwithstanding, before they can act, Flash, Cyborg, and Wonder Woman are assumed control by Trigon’s shadow and transformed into demon emissaries. Batman keeps his own particular possession by injecting himself with a nerve poison designed for Bane, placing himself in a senseless state and along these lines bringing on the shade to forsake him.

The Titans cannot find any ways to strike against the League, making Raven surrender herself. Just before the League and Raven utilize a gateway to leave, Blue Beetle brings back Cyborg from Trigon’s control. Robin finds Raven in the Middle East, uncovering he put a tracer on each of the Titans in the wake of meeting them. Cyborg and the Titans move to the Middle East, to find that Superman had uncovered a magical shrine that Raven utilizes her forces on so Trigon can pass through the shrine as a gate. Robin wounds Superman with kryptonite to free him from Trigon, and back to his own particular self, Superman massacres Flash and Wonder Woman, which liberates them both. The Titans spare Raven, however not before Trigon comes back to his physical shape.
Taking after Raven’s arrangement, the Titans and Cyborg entry to Hell to recover the gem to bolt away her dad, while the Justice League endeavor to keep Trigon from approaching innocent civilians. The jl6Titans fight their way through crowds of evil presences, however an undead Ra’s al Ghul, transformed into Trigon’s servant after death, smashs the crystal. He tries to convince Robin to join Trigon with the goal that he may come back to life, however Robin claims he is no more like an al Ghul, but a Titan. They fight and Ra’s al Ghul is vanquished. Beating her internal questions and Trigon’s clairvoyant endeavors to deter her, Raven utilizes both her powerful magic, and her telepathic connection to Trigon, to re-detain him in a shard of the broken crystal.

Raven explains to the Titans that the shard must remain in Hell and be observed dependably, on the off chance that Trigon tries at the end of the day to break free. She puts herself forward as Trigon’s keeper, but the Titans guarantee that her house is with them. Back at Titans Tower, the gathering – now joined by Robin and Cyborg – are praised by the Justice League for sparing Earth, and Raven wears her dad’s crystal prison on her forehead for protection. Inside it, Trigon angrily requests that she discharge him, that he will break free and execute everybody she cherishes however she disregards him.


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