Beauty and The Beast

If you are a fan of Disney Animation, you are also on the same boat with me, friend. And one thing that contributes to “modern” Disney is its prosperity in the pass when so many animated musical romantic fantasies were born from around 1930 to now.  After being released for 15 years, a romantic animation in the series has still been giving wings the the dreams of children in the U.S and around the world. And I am talking about the animation: Beauty and the Beast (1991 version).

Beauty and the Beast, produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and released by Walt Disney Pictures, is an animation based on a French fairy tail having the name and written by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont. The story tells us about the relationship between Belle (Paige O’Hara), a beautiful girl living with her father (an inventor named Maurice) in a farm and the beast (Robby Benson), who is originally a prince name Adam and ,because of a punishment for his arrogance, magically transformed into a monster. The Beast, in order to transform back to his born body, has to win the love coming from Belle and if not he will carry his monster shape endlessly.

Let’s start over and look at this story more thoroughly. Our beauty, Belle, is living with her father, Maurice the crazy inventor, in a farm and they love each other so much as the love of family. bb3However, Gaston, a vain hunter who was promised to be Belle’s future husband (as the engagement of two families), always insists that they are meant to be and no one could tear them apart. That’s why he does not let any other men in the village win her heart and even prevent from getting closer to Belle. He is handsome, muscled, and more of a narcissist than a villain. He, a long with his talkative freeloaders, always bothers Belle everywhere she goes.

One day, Belle’s father goes further into the mystery forest to work. And the sees the ferociously dangerous beast. He runs breathless back to his house and tells his little girl not to ever go to the forest due to what he just saw. Belle is curious about what her dad said and tries going to the forest with her Belgian horse, Philippe.
She gets into a mystery house, more like a palace, and finally meets the beast. the monster freaks her out and tries tbb7o imprison her in order to make her love him. But instead of being afraid, Belle gradually sees Adam’s good natures, and has a little crush on him. And so does the beast. She also meets new friends, who are people in the beast’s house and also transformed to variety of objects’ shapes, like Lumière the candlestick, Cogsworth the clock (Lumière’s best friend), Mrs. Potts the teapot, Mrs. Potts’s son named Chip the teacup, Ms. Maid the feather duster…

Gaston is told by Belle’s father that there is a beast in the forest trying to keep Belle away from people of the village. With his arrogance, he and his sidekicks (who are usually abused by him) go to the forest with the intent to kill the beast. The time is shortening as the bebb4ast tries to get Belle kiss him before the magical rose drops its last leaf. Gaston gets in the palace and fights the beast. Prince Adam gets a really serious injury from Gaston’s sword before he falls down to the gr
ound from the top of the building. Fortunately, Belle admits that she loves him and gives him a kiss before the the final rose leaf drops. The beast is healed and transformed back to his original body, so are other people the the palace. Belle tells her father to come live with her in the palace. She and Prince Adam get married and they have an everlasting life together.


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