Frozen – The best Disney Christmas Movie ever


If anyone out there is asked about the one of the best 3D animation movie from Disney they have ever seen, regardless of the ages or genders, the answer would probably be “Frozen”. It has been the most successful movie that Walt Disney Pictures released in the biggest holiday of the year with the box office of $1,276 billion.

fr10Frozen , a 2013 American 3D computer-animated musical fantasy comedy drama, tells us about the story of a kingdom named Arendelle. The king and his wife give birth to two pretty princesses named Elsa and Anna, but what magical is the older sister has a special powers, with which she can produce and manipulate ice, frost and snow. One day in the morning, princess Anna wakes up her older sister, Elsa, to play with her and Elsa unintentionally injures Anna. King and Queen bring Anna and Elsa to the troll king to have him heal Anna as well as erase her memories about Elsa’s magics. Since then, the King decides to isolate the sisters until Elsa learns how to control her power.

One day, King and Queen have to go to the neighbor country for some political issues, and they never comeback because the ship on which they are is sunk by a large wave. Certainly, Elsa is about to take after the country as a Queen. fr3Her coronation goes well although she is still worried about her uncontrollable powers. However, before the coronation starts, Anna has chance to go out of the palace and she meets Prince Hans (from the Southern Isles). They are rapidly attracted to each other and Prince Hans asks Princess Anna to marry him. Anna accepts the proposal and asks her sister, but Elsa disagrees with their sudden marriage.
The sisters argue and Elsa cannot hold her emotional compression as she turns the water fountain into scary-shape ice and then her whole  country into a snowy region. Princess Elsa is freaked out and runs away from people, meanwhile Anna thinks it is her fault that causes Elsa to act like that and decides to find her sister. Before that, Anna asks Hans to take care things going on in the palace while she is absent.


Elsa goes far away and builds herself a palace made from ice. Meanwhile, Anna also goes to the direction where she last saw her sister, and fortunately gets help from a guy name Kristoff along with his reindeer Sven, an animal having a dog’s characteristics. One the way to Elsa’s palace, Anna, Kristoff and Sven meet a snowman named Olaf, who was Elsa and Anna’s childhood snowman and unknowingly brought to life. fr7There are a lot of obstacle on the way to North Mountain (where Elsa is currently living), but Anna and her friends finally get there. Anna goes inside the palace and meets Elsa.
The poor girl and Olaf tries to persuade Else to come back to the country, but Elsa refuses to do that for she is worried of something worse than it is now could happen as a result of her power again. She accidentally injures her sister one more time in the heart, and this time is more serious than the last one. Horrified, Elsa created a giant snow creature to chase them away from her place. What unexpected is that prince Hans and the Duke of Weselton (who seeks to exploit Arendelle for profit) have brought a small army force to her palace. Elsa tries to protect herself using ice to fight again the soldiers. The little girl is knocked unconscious by a falling chandelier and imprisoned in Arendelle by Hans.
As the time Anna is carried by her friends, Kristoff realizes Anna’s hair is turning white. He also finds help from the trolls and figures out princess Anna can only be healed (thawed) by “an act of true love”. fr2Believing that prince Hans is the only answer for healing Anna, Kristoff races back to the palace to bring Anna to Hans. At the same time, Hans goes to the prison where Elsa is in and asks her to undo the winter, but she has no idea how to do it. When Anna meets Hans and begs him for a kiss to break the curse, Hans refuses to do that and reveals his
true purpose of proposing her which is to seize control of Arendelle’s thrown. He leaves Anna to die, and charges Elsa with treason for her younger sister’s apparent death.

Elsa breaks the chains, escapes and heads out into the blizzard on the fjord. In the place where Anna is dying, Olaf tells her the truth that Kristoff is in love with her, and they then escape to the fjord as well. Prince Hans chases after Princess Elsa and pretends to her that she is the reason Anna dies. Too despair, the blizzard suddenly stops giving Kristoff and Anna the chance the see each other clearer. However, realizing that Hans is trying to kill Elsa with his sword, Anna throws herself in between to people as the time she is completely frozen like a solid ice block, preventing Han’s attack and breaking his sword into pieces. Elsa is too deep in sorrow hugging his little sister, and Anna becomes to thaw. Her act of scarifying herself to save her sister’s life is an act of true love. Anna recognizes love is the key to her power control, beginning to thaw the kingdom and giving Olaf his own personal flurry so as to survive in the summer.

Finally, Prince Hans and the Duke are imprisoned for their crime of attacking the queen. Kristoff can say his words of falling in love with Anna with the blessing of Elsa. And they, Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf, live a happy life.


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