Second Wednesday in Plymouth, I have done quite good things in a beautiful day

Today is Wednesday, September the 7th, 2016. I had a normal day starting with getting up at 8: 15 am, having two slices of bread stuffed with peanut butter (like I usually do every morning), and getting dressed to go to school (an hour driving,  -_-!). After finishing the first class of the day, I tried to find somewhere selling food. I actually knew that my favorite food store is on the other the road that crosses High Street (I forgot the name of the street) and I talk about Subway. That is pretty nice when you have fairly good a mount of time to rest between two classes, 2 hours. You can use the time to get food and drink, prepare for the next class as well as do something for fun.

After second class, I went to Dr. Drexel (The Chairman of Computer Science and Technology Department) to talk to him about my transferred classes. Everything went fine, the only last thing I have to do for classes that I want to cover some of my Degree Work’s credits is to fill out the forms of Student Request. I would also have to wait until Friday to meet Dr. Shen (another prof. from CS and Tech Dept. and my adviser as well) so that he can confirm what I have discussed with Dr. Drexel and sign in the papers for also.

However, the thing that I enjoyed most today was the experience of applying one of breathing methods  (for relaxing and getting out of stress) to my own body in class. We learned about different types of stress (good and bad, one time or regular, etc…). At about 15 minutes before the end time of the class, Prof. Hills asked all of the students in the class room (including me) to close their eyes and imagine of their favorite places, first of all is the virtual place the prof. lead us to create in our minds. Thus, we really felt ourselves in better mood and relaxing after long studying day.

Thank you very much and see you in my next post.

Khoa Vu


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