Totally Spies, Smart and Lovely Spies from WOOHP!


I remember the first time I had chance to see the first episode of Totally Spies, I was so impressed and obsessed about this animated television series. I really do not care what they say about me if they know I have been watching the series even at this current time, because it is fun and inspiring at least to me., ha ha ha.

I first knew about this series when it showed up on Disney Channel, which I also love and watching a lot of other animated television series also, and then started digging more into its background.

Totally Spies! is not originally from  the U.S animation, it is a French-Canadian series created by Vincent Chalvon-Demersay and David Michel. Marathon Media Group and Image Entertainment Corporation both sponsor this animation to be produced. Being made so as to have a feature of anime style and initially considered with a concept of a girl band, the main characters in this series are three teenage girls whose names are Sam, Clover and Alex respectively and work as undercover super agents with normal lives like other high school students in Beverly Hills, California, United States.


The underground Organization responsible for all the detective missions of these the girls is WOOHP (World Organization of Human Protection), and Jerry is their manager, who usually gives them tasks and professional equipment unexpectedly, even when these lovely secret agents have class. Jerry has an assistant that appears in seasons 3 and 4 called G.L.A.D.I.S (Gadget Lending And Distribution Interactive System), with a women voice and robotic arms used to assist his boss (Jerry) and the girls in gadget handling.


And let us talk more about the girls’ characteristics. Sam is smartest one of all three, who always have critical thoughts about the facing problems’ solutions and considers the consequences before acting carefully in every single mission they encounter. She has green eye, red hair and wears green catsuit. Clover is so girly, always available to go shopping, passionate in fashion, and impressed by handsome boys. There is a minus for her because she cannot control her mind so that it gets hot and spontaneous easily, but in return, she is very strong and athletic. She wears the red catsuit which matches her blue eyes and chin-length blond hair. Alex does not care too much about fashion, she would rather look like a tomboy than a girly version (the other way around only happens if Clover makes her to wear colorful and flowery stuff), but she is the one who always maintains the good connection with the other two and likes to express her feeling. She sometimes appears to be a little childish and loves animals. With short black hair, brown eyes, dark skin, she wears the yellow catsuit in the team.


On the other hands, three girl always act like a very well performing team, especially with Jerry’s devoting and dedicating direction and protection. Even if there is some times WOOHP is invaded by evil forces and seemed to be almost destroyed, Alex, Sam, Clover and Jerry keep their hope and will at all time to rescue the situations. And they have been doing this for years to gain the children’s love.


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